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God bless the Constitution

During the tough Obama years, I think every conservative worried about the impact on the law. The tone and tenor set by Washington was that the Constitution didn't matter anymore, and that the rule of law was whatever liberals said it meant. Obamacare was passed even though it wasn't a granted power to the federal government. Wars were started against Libya even though Congress specifically said that they did not authorize it, and did not want to fund it. That kind of lawlessness and reckless disregard for the rule of law affects us all, and affects the judiciary because it shows judges that they can get away with anything as long as they're on the side of left-wing elites. As a judge, I believe in the Constitution and limiting the powers of government. As a judge, I promise to you that I will not exceed the authority of the government, the state, and especially the judiciary. Whether it comes to major federal questions, or even those that seem more mundane, the important thing is that every Texas judge has the resolve to respect the citizen's rights, protected by the federal and state Constitutions.